Wednesday, September 29


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A third of Android phones in trouble since 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

Those who have phones with older versions of Android may find themselves in trouble starting in 2021. According to an article by Android Police, the organization Let's Encrypt announced that its association with certification authority IdenTrust will expire on September 1, 2021. In this way, many secure websites would no longer be compatible with Android versions prior to 7.1.1 Nougat. This would be a real problem, since, according to Let's Encrypt, 33.8 percent of Android devices use older versions of the operating system, which is a significant percentage. Therefore, these devices will experience certificate errors when they try to visit many secure websites starting in 2021. A good time to update Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images From the non-profit or...
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Opera will pay someone just to surf the internet | Digital Trends Spanish

It is a job advertisement as strange as it is attractive. Opera is offering a two-week temporary job in which they will pay a person 9 thousand dollars for the simple fact of surfing the Internet. The offer has even been published in Linkedin, and it explains that the applicant can be from anywhere in the world. Your task will be to "browse the far corners of the web and talk about the funny and weird things you come across." Tempting, right? As a requirement, the interested person must know what a browser is, have a computer and a stable internet connection, speak fluent English and be at least 18 years of age. Other conditions for applying are weirder and include loving the web and being someone who spends a lot of time talking to himself. Digital Trends Graphic Candidates who...