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The Famicom, the before and after of video games | Digital Trends Spanish

On July 15, 1983, a video game console debuted in Japan under the name Family Computer and abbreviated Famicom. Produced by Nintendo, it was an 8-bit device that played cartridge games and that included titles such as Donkey kong Y Popeye. At that time, Nintendo surely did not think about what the console would mean for the video game industry as such. The Famicom did not have the best of beginnings in Japan and even the first versions had to be withdrawn from the market, due to faults in some motherboard circuits. However, the console recovered from the setback and little by little it regained ground, until it became one of the most popular products of the time in its country of origin. And one of the factors for the latter was Nintendo's zeal with its product; By 1983, the video g...
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The best-selling video game consoles in history | Digital Trends Spanish

Why is it important to know the best-selling video game consoles in history? When one generation draws to a close and another begins, examining how well each proposition did in sales is a great way to measure the success of each manufacturer, figure out what the preferences of the manufacturers were. gamers and see if once-novel features are no exception, or become must-haves for the next generation. Before we begin, it is important to note that this list does not include laptops. These figures also don't account for used system sales as manufacturers don't have a way to track those transactions (and they don't make a profit from them anyway). Below we list from 1 to 10 the best video game consoles in history, accompanied by the sales figure achieved by each one. 10) Xbox One - 4...