Friday, July 30


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PES is now called eFootball and will be completely free | Digital Trends Spanish

For several years, PES and FIFA embodied close competition for what was the most popular soccer video game on the planet. Now, Konami has given its iconic Pro Evolution Soccer a radical twist to distance itself from its rival in an ad that has surprised fans. There will be no more PES, from now on, the game is renamed eFootball and it will become a free game for consoles, PC and cell phones. This new title is expected to arrive in early fall on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, and later it will do the same on iOS and Android. Of course, initially, the launch will have a series of reduced options: they will be exhibition matches and only nine starting teams. With eFootball ™, we're not just changing a name - we're changing football gaming.#eFootball™ is Free-to-Play (F2P),...