Thursday, July 29


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They print a robotic hand in 3D to play Nintendo | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of researchers at the University of Maryland has 3D printed a soft robotic hand so agile that it can play Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. This project is an innovation in the field of soft robotics, which focuses on creating new types of flexible robots that run on air or water instead of electricity. This type of device would have important applications such as prostheses and biomedical devices. "Until now, each finger on a soft robotic hand needed its own line of control, limiting its portability and usefulness," explains co-author Joshua Hubbard. University of Maryland."But by 3D printing the soft robotic hand with our built-in fluidic transistors, you can play Nintendo based on a single pressure input." In this way, guided by a program that autonomously alternated the low, mediu...