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Nintendo Switch Lite

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Nintendo just announced a new $350 Switch with a fancy new screen, but you probably don’t need it

Nintendo just announced a new, more expensive, slightly upgraded Nintendo Switch model. Whether or not you already own a Switch, there aren't a lot of good reasons to get this one. Its main feature is a larger, higher-quality screen. It's otherwise nearly identical to existing models. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. After years of speculation about a more powerful, upgraded Nintendo Switch model, Nintendo announced the "Nintendo Switch OLED Model" on Monday morning.It's got a bigger screen from previous models that uses OLED display technology, and it's got a higher price tag to match: $350 for the new OLED ...
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How to remove and reinstall games on Nintendo Switch | Digital Trends Spanish

Here's how to remove and reinstall games on Nintendo Switch. This console has become a great success thanks - in large part - to its good selection of games and constantly growing. But as your library grows, storage space becomes a problem, especially with only 32GB of onboard memory. You will almost certainly need a card Micro SD in the future (if you haven't already), but even then, there may come a time when you can't keep your entire digital collection on your Switch at once. Fortunately, the console allows you to delete and reinstall the games you purchased from your Nintendo Account whenever you want, without any impact on your save data. Managing your Switch library is incredibly easy, and this is what we want to explain to you here: how to delete, archive an...
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The best gadgets in lite version that you can buy right now | Digital Trends Spanish

Versions lite of electronic equipment make it possible to have the latest technology, but with reduced characteristics, prices and sizes compared to the more developed models. In addition, they are designed to meet very specific needs of users, such as the Nintendo Switch Lite, aimed at gamers in constant motion. You know perfectly well what we mean, so without further ado, we present you some of the best gadgets lite that you can find on the market right now. This is a list that we will update as more products are announced in this category, always with the purpose of finding the ideal equipment for your needs. Pixel 4a The new Google cell phone in the mid-range has left good comments in the section of its optics, with everything and that only integrates a 12.2 mega...
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The best external batteries for Nintendo Switch | Digital Trends Spanish

The batteries of Nintendo Switch are a vital issue for users of the newest and most powerful console from the Japanese company. But that great power, however, is directly related to high battery drain. Along the way, the Switch can provide two-and-a-half to six hours of playtime (and a bit more if you get the new console model that comes in a red box), with intensive titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hovering around three hours. The Switch's battery can probably be enough for you during a short trip within the day, but at times when you're away from a power outlet for a long time, you might need an external battery to be able to extend your playing time. Since the Switch hit stores, we've been testing external battery packs of all shapes, sizes, and...