Monday, September 27

Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Steam Deck

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Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Steam Deck: better screen or PC platform? | Digital Trends Spanish

The long-awaited announcement of Nintendo's Switch in 2021 introduced an updated model to consider: the OLED Switch, with a new screen technology that improves color, contrast and brightness. This was quickly followed by another major news of a handheld device by Valve: Steam Deck, a handheld to play basically any game in the Steam library. Once you know this last option, which one do you prefer? We compare Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Steam deck and we help you decide. You will be interested in: Specifications and performance SteamThe specifications are an especially useful comparison for these two handhelds, as they immediately show some of the most important differences between the devices. Take a look at our comparison chart and a few things will probably come to light. First, the ...