Tuesday, September 28

Nintendo Switch online

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Soon you will be able to play Game Boy games on your Nintendo Switch | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo has a trick up its sleeve to get new subscribers to its online service, Nintendo Switch Online. In accordance with various sources, In September, several games from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color (but not Game Boy Advance) portable consoles will arrive in the service catalog. It is not the first time that this information has come to light. In 2019, reverse engineering expert OatmealDome posted information on four code-named emulators on his Twitter account. The first two would be "Kachikachi" which refers to the NES emulator and "Canoe" which would be the SNES emulator, both already available on the service. But in addition to these there were “Hiyoko” and “Count” that according to the sources, would correspond to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators that are yet to ...