Thursday, July 29

Nintendo Switch Pro

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Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Nintendo Switch: is the new model worth it? | Digital Trends Spanish

Rumor had it about a "Pro" Switch, but what appeared to be an upgrade to the Nintendo Switch's graphics capabilities, which would make the popular console capable of displaying 4K graphics, ended up being primarily an upgrade to the technology of the console screen, which will now have a seven-inch OLED panel that will be, in comparison, slightly wider than the original Switch, but without a doubt, much sharper and above all, with a better contrast that will make that Switch games, even in the same resolution as the original model, look better on the OLED Switch. How do these consoles compare? What are their differences? And, if we make a comparison between the Nintendo Switch OLED vs. the original Switch, is the new console worth buying? It may interest you In this comparison we in...