Tuesday, September 28

Nivel del mar

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NASA helps you know how much the sea level will rise | Digital Trends Spanish

The worrying report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at the request of the UN forces us to imagine a dramatic scenario for the future of the planet. The impact of the climate phenomenon will be so strong that many island nations are at risk of disappearing before the end of this century. Because of this, NASA developed a useful online platform that allows you to see how much the sea level will rise anywhere in the world. This tool is in the NASA sea level portal. It allows users to choose a point on the planet and a period between 2020 and 2150 to discover how the increase in sea levels will affect that particular region. POT.At the site, NASA delivers a detailed location report based on projections from the IPCC assessment report, which is the most up-t...
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The world map in case the water rises or falls 1,000 meters | Digital Trends Spanish

Recent studies suggest that sea levels will be more variable as the oceans warm due to increased greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, what would happen if the water level rises or falls 1,000 meters? From the Spanish site of Sputnik, it is said that, in reality, it is difficult for the ocean to rise or fall 1,000 meters, since "such a volume of water simply cannot arise by itself or disappear from nowhere." Either way, share a couple of graphs from user BasedMap (Reddit), which show what the world map would look like in either case. What does Earth look like with 1000 meters of sea-level rise or drop?https://t.co/AxvIWTZ1vU#maps #ocean #sealevel pic.twitter.com/wbrCO4e0fj - Vivid Maps (@VividMaps) August 20, 2020 For the scenario of a 1,000 meter descent from the...