Monday, July 26


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New dinosaur is named after Doraemon’s character | Digital Trends Spanish

In China, a new species of dinosaurs was discovered in 2020 that has recently been named as Eubrontes Nobitai in honor of Nobita, a character who appeared in the animated series Doraemon. According to Xing Lida, a professor at Beijing University of Geosciences, the name is due to the fact that Doraemon as a franchise it has something to do with dinosaurs. In particular, animated films Nobita's Dinosaur Y Nobita's New Dinosaur, have made many children like the world of dinosaurs given the acceptance and popularity of Doraemon. The discovered fossil of the Eubrontes Nobitai is a species of goldfish with a body that looks like it has armor. For scientists, Nobitai is a sample of the diversification that fish took, hundreds of millions of years ago. The Eubritas Nobitai, in particular, da...