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Facebook reveals which are the most hidden publications | Digital Trends Spanish

For many years, it has been an open secret that Facebook manipulates the content that is published and some have more relevance or visibility than others. The algorithm that decides those posts has always been something of a mystery, but in the interests of transparency, Facebook has published the guidelines it follows to show (or hide) the content. These guidelines are in the Facebook news center. and they detail, for example, which are the types of comments that are more likely to be hidden from other people, either because they are offensive or because the rest of the community marks them as hostile and prefer not to see it. . Facebook also reveals how they identify posts that explicitly seek people to interact, in what is called Engagement Bait (or interaction hook, in Spanish). A...
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YouTube Deleted 1 Million Fake COVID-19 Data Videos | Digital Trends Spanish

YouTube says it is taking important action against fake news. In a post on his blog, the video search engine assured that since last year to date, 1 million disinformation videos about COVID-19 have been removed. The company also says that, specifically in relation to the coronavirus, they rely on various health organizations to be aware of the most current developments regarding an issue. The problem is that many times videos with disinformation are not so easy to detect and, according to YouTube, it is not so good that it is technology companies that set the limits on false information. An important detail for YouTube is that, in addition to eliminating millions of videos (10 million in each quarter, they say), this sweep is done quickly and before the misinformation spreads too muc...
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Facebook: the most seen was a fake news about COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

Many were struck by the fact that Facebook did not publish its traditional summary of the most viewed publications during the first quarter of this year. The most striking thing is that the company did do this, but with the posts of the second quarter of 2021. Nevertheless, The New York Times had access to this report that was not originally published by Facebook. The article reveals that the post with the most viewed link on the platform was a Chicago Tribune news item, which linked the death of a doctor in Florida to the COVID-19 vaccine. Later, the autopsy ended up showing that the professional's death was not related to the vaccine, so the newspaper had to update the news to change the information it had provided. Following The New York Times article, Facebook has published the rep...
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New tools on Twitter to curb misinformation | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter wants to take a more informed stance against fake news, especially when it relates to sensitive topics like the pandemic and elections. For this reason, it has now begun to test a new system to report tweets that share disinformation about these areas. From now on, users will have more resources to report misleading content. It is a test that, initially, will be focused on the United States, South Korea and Australia. Of course, this option could be extended if it works well. Those who can access this test will find the option "report tweet" in the application menu. There a tab will be displayed where you can indicate if the tweet is misleading, also choose what category it is: health, politics or "something else". In the health option, it will be possible to explain if the p...
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COVID-19: Facebook Encourages Misinformation, Study Finds | Digital Trends Spanish

Almost 500 million visits attracted false information about the COVID-19 pandemic on Facebook during April 2020. This is how the Avaaz civil organization through a report whose results were disclosed by media such as The Guardian. While the executives of the social network "promised responsibility, their algorithm appears to have driven traffic to a network of sites that share dangerous fake news," the newspaper noted. The big problem is that a single false news story can lead to up to 800 fatal cases of a new coronavirus infection, according to research by the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research in Bangladesh published by The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. "The pages of the top 10 sites that spread inaccurate data and conspiracy theo...
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New Facebook hit to QAnon and his fake news | Digital Trends Spanish

With around 200,000 followers there was a group called Official Q / Qanon recently removed by Facebook. The social network detected repeated violations of its policies in the contents of the network of right-wing sympathizers and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who often divulge conspiracy theories. Previously, Facebook removed "multiple individual posts for crossing the lines on bullying and harassment, hate speech and false information that could cause harm." Thus he exposed it to Reuters a spokesperson for the platform who requested that his identity be reserved, detailing the action that took place on Tuesday, August 4. In addition, the firm has strengthened monitoring of other groups linked to the same trend, added the version of the British agenc...