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United Arab Emirates creates clouds to curb drought | Digital Trends Spanish

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) faces a serious drought problem, for which they have had to resort to unusual, almost desperate measures. The idea is to get the necessary rainfall for agriculture and other essential activities. For this, the nation had to resort to drones to generate rain artificially. The drones were developed by the local government and researchers from England. According The Washington PostAs they fly over, they can collect meteorological data and give the clouds a little boost in the form of an electrical discharge. The goal is for the electrical impulse to help group the water droplets and other particles together to create new and larger clouds that have a chance to generate the necessary precipitation. "What we're trying to do is make the droplets inside the ...
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According to study, life could exist in the clouds of Jupiter | Digital Trends Spanish

An international team of scientists published a study in Nature Astrology on the activity of the water in the clouds of Venus. As a main conclusion, the research indicates that the effective concentration of water molecules in the clouds of Venus is too small to support life like that known on Earth. "We have not found that the water level is slightly below what the most extreme organisms need, but that it is 100 times lower than it would be necessary," explained John E. Hallsworth, leader of the study. The surprise is on the account of Jupiter, who showed that its clouds have a high enough water concentration and a suitable temperature for, in theory, Extremophilic organisms to survive. "I am not suggesting that there is microbial life on Jupiter because it would have to have other req...