Monday, September 20

número Pi

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They beat the record for decimals to calculate the number pi | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of researchers from the University of Applied Sciences of Graubünden (FHGR), in Switzerland, managed to break the world record for decimals of the number pi, which is traditionally known as 3.1416. Now, the college claims it broke the record by calculating 62.8 trillion digits of pi. In this way, they leave behind the previous brand that belonged to Timothy Mullican, who was able to calculate up to 50 billion digits and who was recognized last year for his work. The Swiss university noted that it took 108 days and 9 hours to perform the new calculation, a time that is 3.5 times faster than Mullican. It is also twice as fast as the record Google set in 2019 on its cloud. "We wanted to achieve several goals with the record attempt," said Professor Heiko Rölke of the University of...