Tuesday, September 28

OnePlus 9

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OnePlus trolls Samsung with this foldable device | Digital Trends Spanish

Taking advantage of the Samsung Unpacked event in which the South Korean presented its new phones and watches, OnePlus did not want to be left behind with an offer that began as a trolling towards Samsung. The OnePlus Twitter account in which they revealed what appeared to be a phone with two screens, similar to the folding ones that already exist on the market. In addition, the video was given a date -August 11, 2021-, which for many meant that they were going to present a folding. 8.11 10am EThttps://t.co/mmPi4jlrhx pic.twitter.com/U6lPdrFnjf & mdash; OnePlus➕ (@OnePlus_USA) August 10, 2021 However, hours later and after Samsung has done its thing in Unpacked, the truth was revealed: "two phones are better than one" is OnePlus' way of announcing that the OnePlus 9 cuts its price in...