Sunday, September 19

Opel Rocks-e

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It is not a car, it is not a motorcycle, it is the new Opel Rocks-e 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

The massification of electric cars will not happen until there is a significant contingent of truly affordable versions of this type of zero-emission vehicle on the world market. There lies the importance of vehicles such as the Citroën Ami, or its new version highlighted and renamed as the new Opel Rocks-e 2022, which was unveiled by the German manufacturer this week. Opel and Citroën are both part of the Stelantis auto conglomerate. Opel refers to the Rocks-e as the world's first Sustainable Urban Mobility vehicle. Leaving aside the contradiction implicit in the fact that this is a version of a vehicle available for just under a year, the fact that it is not a proper car cannot be ignored. According to European Union regulations, the Rocks-e is a light motor vehicle, or in other w...