Thursday, July 29


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Photo shows a 100-pound tropical fish washed up on an Oregon beach, far from its normal habitat

A 100-pound tropical fish washed up on an Oregon beach. Experts said the fish was found far from its natural habitat, making it a surprising find. The opah, or moonfish, will be studied as little is known about the species. LoadingSomething is loading. A 100-pound tropical fish was found on an Oregon beach, surprising scientists.Photos from the...
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Bootleg Fire in Oregon is generating dangerous fire clouds and pyrocumulonimbus thunderstorms

Rising temperatures and a growing wildfire are creating dangerous fire clouds and firestorms that can generate their own lightning in the skies above southern Oregon.The Bootleg Fire, the largest blaze currently burning in the US, has torched more than 241,000 acres (377 square-miles) since it started July 6 in Klamath County. It's only 7% contained as of Friday.As heat and smoke from large fires rise skyward, they can create storms comprised of what are known as pyrocumulonimbus clouds. These thunderheads produce their own weather, including tornadoes in rare cases, which can then spark new fires. It's a vicious cycle. ...
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Watch a viral video exploring an abandoned 1980s McDonald’s restaurant, complete with pink-and-blue decor and an old McFlurry machine

A 10-minute YouTube video shows the inside of an abandoned McDonald's restaurant with 1980s decor. It has a vivid pink-and-blue color scheme, and syrups still stored underneath its McFlurry machine. An urban explorer filmed the restaurant for a viral TikTok video, and said it was abandoned in 2007. See more stories on Insider's business page. An urban explorer has posted a video of an abandoned McDonald's restaurant – and it's like stepping into a time capsule from the 1980s.The restaurant has retro pink and blue decor, including busy wallpaper, triangular wall art, and framed landscape photos. A lot of the kitchen equipment is sti...
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Now you can sleep in the world’s last Blockbuster | Digital Trends Spanish

The word Blockbuster is an immediate journey back to the 1990s and the glorious past of VHS leasing, where thousands of venues around the world settled as the kings of home entertainment. But in 2020, only one physical store remains that is a vestige of this history, it is located in the town of Bend in Oregon, between pine forests and majestic mountains. And now Airbnb is trying to fulfill the dream of several, to hand over the keys to this latest Blockbuster to lease it for up to four people. Previous Following one of 4 “Hello, Deschutes County Residents! Dust off those membership cards ...