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Scientific explanation for alien abductions | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most fascinating stories in science fiction and unproven reality has to do with the world of ufo, specifically the so-called “close encounters of the fourth type” or abductions, where people claim to be abducted by aliens for a specified time. However, researchers at the Phase Research Center (PRC), a private facility in Moscow that investigates dreams, provided a scientific explanation for why these events would be triggered. All this would have to do with what is known as lucid dreaming, where people are aware that they are dreaming and can then use that awareness to manipulate what happens in the dream. The Russian center indicates that the prevalence of this type of phenomenon is 55 percent at least once in a lifetime and 23 percent at least once a month. In an experiment...
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The head of NASA does not believe that we are alone in the universe | Digital Trends Spanish

After reading the UFO report published by the Pentagon at the request of the United States Congress, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that he does not believe that "we are alone" in the universe. The official further added that the launch of a new telescope later this year would help find more planets that could host intelligent extraterrestrial life. The report presented on June 24 compiles several cases of unidentified aerial phenomena (FANI) registered by pilots of the United States Air Force. However, the document notes that there are more than 140 sightings that cannot be classified and lack an explanation. “Yes, I have seen the classified report. It basically says what we think. We don't know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw, they know they saw something, they track...
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Here’s the long-awaited UFO report released by the Pentagon | Digital Trends Spanish

A report on UFOs prepared by the United States intelligence community and presented to Congress this Friday, June 25, leaves without definitive explanation 143 encounters that the US military reported as unidentified aerial phenomena (FANI). In this way, the report, which was published by the Pentagon at the request of Congress, does not serve to explain whether those sightings were due to atmospheric phenomena that cause anomalies in the sensors or simply deceive the vision of the pilots. Nor if they respond to technologies developed by foreign powers or even extraterrestrial ships. The document lacks evidence on the origin of these UFOs in many of the cases, although it does not offer any evidence that would allow us to think of an origin outside of this planet. However, the report di...
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Fortnite guide: how to find and eliminate UFOs | Digital Trends Spanish

UFOs have come to Fortnite with the update of the season seven. These are huge flying saucers that can be piloted by players. Additionally, they can shoot lasers and even abduct people and items. However, the problem is that some players stay on the ship until the end of the game to avoid being eliminated, which can be frustrating. But don't worry: in this guide Fortnite We will tell you how to eliminate these new spaceships, where to find them and how to survive if you are piloting one. You will be interested in: Where to find UFOs Fortnite.ggBefore learning how to eliminate a UFO or how to survive piloting one, let's first see where to find them. UFOs appear on the map in fixed locations, and in each game five emerge. Because of this, almost all of these locations fill up with p...
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Does cosmonaut record UFOs next to northern lights? | Digital Trends Spanish

A Russian cosmonaut named Ivan Vagner was like any other day on the International Space Station (ISS) recording the horizon and decided to take a beautiful shot of the northern lights crossing Antarctica. A great and beautiful shot, which by itself attracts attention, however, some small lights between seconds 9 and 12 of the recording, show some unknown lights that disturbed the member of the ISS. “In seconds 9-12, five objects appear flying next to each other at the same distance. What do you think they are? Meteors, satellites or…? ”, Wrote Vágner below the post titled: "Space guests, or how I filmed a new time lapse". Space guests, or how I filmed the new time-lapse. The peak of aurora borealis when passing over the Antarctic in Australia's longitude, meaning in between them...
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Pentagon to investigate military-observed UFOs | Digital Trends Spanish

A new task force to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs) recorded by military aircraft has created the United States Department of Defense. As reported CNN, will be the own undersecretary David Norquist who supervises the nascent instance, which would be officially announced "in the next few days." Since 2007, the Pentagon had a similar program supported by then-Nevada Republican Senator Harry Reid, but it was rejected five years later for lack of budget. Previous efforts to investigate this type of phenomenon were led by the United States Navy, since many of the documented encounters involved their aircraft. "Members of Congress and Pentagon officials have long expressed concern about the appearance of unidentified aircraft flying over US military bases, posing a risk to...