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Pac Man

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Casio launches new version of classic watch based on Pac-Man | Digital Trends Spanish

The clock of Super Mario Bros. Tag Heuer is not the only one related to video games that is presented these days. Casio has his own based on the classic Pac-man and designed in conjunction with Bandai Namco, the company that owns the rights to the franchise. This new watch is based on the Casio F-100, which was precisely relaunched not many days ago in pursuit of nostalgia. The F-100 has all the functions of a classic watch with a stopwatch, alarm, calendar, light and front buttons below the small screen; this version of Pac-Man keeps all of them and only changes the aesthetic part. Not only the front face of the watch is adorned with Pac-Man and the ghosts, but also the metal strap on which the labyrinth itself is engraved. Now, the most important thing about these devices is the p...
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Casio Relaunches the Digital Watch Ripley Wore in Alien | Digital Trends Spanish

Casio is relaunching its F-100 watch, the iconic model that appeared in the movie Alien 1979. It will cost $ 90 dollars and will be available from August. The clock - which now bears the name A100- has been updated with a metal case and strap. This one also keeps the front buttons with the same classic functions, such as changing modes, starting, stopping or resetting the chronograph and activating the display illumination. Finally, it includes an LED that flashes when the alarm is activated or when the chronograph countdown is complete. Previous Next 1 from 5 The watch comes in four versions: a standard ...
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Simple and fun: Doodle games to enjoy for hours | Digital Trends Spanish

Google Doodles are those variations of the logo of the popular search engine, with which it commemorates important dates or events on its home page. They're creative, flashy, lively, and musical, but some have gone a bit further. Because there are several that are worth enjoying, these are some of the most memorable Doodle games of recent years. You will be interested in: Pac-man Created by the Japanese studio Namco in the 1980s, Pac-Man is one of the most classic and popular arcade video games of all time. That title has inspired movies and animated series, comics and dozens of sequels, and had even been chosen as one of the symbols of Japanese culture for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Pac-Man's Doodle game was released in May of 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the title and ...
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Two classics in one: peculiar edition of Monopoly and Pac-Man | Digital Trends Spanish

Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man, a particular edition that brings together a classic board game with a popular arcade video game, was announced by the toy company Hasbro. This is a version of Monopoly focused on the iconic video game character of the 80s and who celebrated his 40th anniversary in 2020. The particular characteristic of this Monopoly is that in this edition the players do not compete for who accumulates more cash, but they do it for points. In addition, a digital bank that works as a Pac-Man arcade minigame allows you to accumulate more points every time one of the participants crosses the game. The points that the players accumulate can be used to buy levels, which replace the properties. Players will have a plastic arcade coin that will be inserted into digital...