Monday, July 26

pandemic unemployment assistance

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There’s’little sign’ that ending unemployment benefits early pushed people back to work, JPMorgan says

Over half of the states in the US have ended federal benefits ahead of their September expiration. Many governors cited the enhanced benefits as keeping workers out of the labor force. But a JPMorgan note says there's little sign that cutting off benefits brought workers back. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Laid-off workers are scoring early wins in lawsuits against GOP governors attempting to cut off federal jobless aid

Jobless workers in Indiana and Maryland racked up early court wins to restore federal unemployment. "I think it certainly has the potential to start more cases," one expert said of the litigation. A lawyer who brought a similar case in Ohio said he may even go after the state for damages. See more stories on Insider's business page. Jobless workers in Ohio are the latest group to push back in court against Republican governors cutting off their federal benefits early.Federal benefits in the state wound down on June 26, months ahead of their scheduled expiration in September. A new lawsuit representing three Ohio workers claims the ...