Sunday, September 19


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Telegram removes the limit of users in its transmissions | Digital Trends Spanish

Telegram has just received an important update for iOS and Android through which it has expanded the function of broadcasts or live streams. Before, this service had a maximum number of participants and this limit could not be exceeded, however, version 8.0 of the application now allows live broadcasts to be viewed by an unlimited number of viewers. With the new version, all members of a group or channel, regardless of their size, can join a live broadcast, as Telegram explained in a statement. Also, viewers of these broadcasts can raise their hands and join, if the administrator, who is the only one who can start the streams, allows it. Telegram.According to a note from The Verge, the increase in the maximum number of viewers opens the door for Telegram to become a complete live stream...
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Group video calls are now available on Telegram | Digital Trends Spanish

Telegram has announced that group video calls are now available in the application, after testing this new function for a while in its beta version. Group video calls would be a kind of evolution of the voice chats that were available. The difference is that now you can activate the camera and see the faces of the participants (can be up to 30 people). According to the platform, group video calls should already work in the iOS, Android and PC applications. This new tool will allow, in addition to activating the camera, share the screen or do both at the same time. Telegram has also advanced that the 30-person limit should increase "as voice chats broadcast video games, live events and more." Thus, it is understood that the company intends to take these video calls a little further. Te...