Thursday, September 16


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EA assigns five of its accessibility patents | Digital Trends Spanish

Electronic Arts has just taken a historic step for the video game industry. The popular North American studio has announced that it will give away its accessibility-related patents and technology for free so that other developers and small studios can create video games with inclusion-based features. EA has patented some of the most important accessibility options in the industry, some of them applied in popular titles such as FIFA, The Sims or Apex Legends. The company explains in your statement There will be five patents assigned, all focused on accessibility and designed to help players with visual, hearing and cognitive disabilities. Among the patents is his system for color blindness or the Ping system that he uses Apex legends and with which people who cannot verbally communicate...
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Significant fine imposed on Apple for patent infringement | Digital Trends Spanish

For the infringement of five patents, a federal jury in Texas fined Apple $ 506.2 million. The beneficiary will be Optis Wireless Technology, whose developments were applied to 4G technology in the iPhone and other devices from the Cupertino firm. As reported Bloomberg Law, the instance of the Eastern District of Texas "found that the infraction was intentional, which means that the district judge Rodney Gilstrap could increase up to three times the established amount." In the legal action, Optis and its partners Panoptis Patent Management and Unwired Planet claimed that Apple used their technology to operate the LTE standard on smartphones, watches and tablets. The plaintiff highlighted that it was the first lawsuit of its kind for patents in the United States since th...