Tuesday, September 28

Perro Poochie

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Poochie the dog from The Simpsons will have an action figure | Digital Trends Spanish

The Simpsons frequently introduce new characters. It makes sense if we consider that we are facing one of the series with the most seasons on television. Of all the characters that have passed through animated fiction, the one most loved by the followers of the yellow family is Poochie. It is about a friendly dog ​​who, on board his skateboard, only managed to be in one episode of the series. It was during the Tomy and Daly show, when they wanted to incorporate this character after the tuning indexes of the space dropped dramatically. Thus, Poochie's passage through The Simpsons was brief, but very successful, as she quickly gained the appreciation of the fans of the Fox production. We have recently witnessed this affection. Super7 announced that it will launch a collectible figure of...