Sunday, July 25

Perseverance Mars Rover

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NASA’s Mars helicopter nailed its 10th flight — double what engineers had hoped Ingenuity would do

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completed its 10th flight on Mars Saturday. That's twice the number of flights that NASA originally planned for the little drone. Engineers thought Ingenuity would crash much earlier, but it's now on an extended mission. LoadingSomething is loading. The "little helicopter that could" has done it again.NASA's Ingenui...
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NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover will fire a laser from its 7-foot robotic arm to cut its first sample of Martian rock

NASA's Perseverance rover will collect its first Mars rock sample within two weeks, the agency said. The rover's 7-foot robotic arm will cut out a chalk-sized rock sample with a laser. The mission will help NASA search for signs of ancient life on Mars, the agency said. LoadingSomething is loading. NASA on Wednesday said that its Perseverance r...
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NASA’s Perseverance rover is driving itself around Mars using an enhanced auto-navigation system

NASA's Perseverance rover has taken its first autonomous drive on the red planet. The rover's enhanced AutoNav technology lets it take charge of its adventures. Perseverance is "thinking while driving" as its wheels are turning, the agency said. LoadingSomething is loading. ...