Tuesday, September 28


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Ted Lasso actor assures that his character is not CGI | Digital Trends Spanish

We are used to the internet serving to feed the most unique theories, especially when they concern a massive cultural product like a television series. Now it was the turn of the popular Ted Lasso, from the Apple TV + platform. Several web users claimed that the character Roy Kent, played by actor Brett Goldstein, is actually CGI, that is, it has been created by a computer. Those who held this theory, relied on the actor's particular way to interpret all the lines of the veteran AFC Richmond captain, and on the facial hair that is distributed symmetrically on his face, almost perfectly. For users, Roy Kent seems more like a character out of the FIFA video game. This controversy could have remained there, since it is very difficult to verify. However, in the last hours he has added a s...
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Why can’t The Mandalorian take off his helmet? | Digital Trends Spanish

The Mandalorian It is one of the most successful series of the moment. The production that is part of the Disney Plus catalog has managed to captivate loyal fans of the Star Wars universe, in addition to gaining a significant number of new fans. In addition to its compelling story, one of the aspects that most caught our attention since its launch is the presence of a main character, played by Pedro Pascal, whose face we could hardly ever see. This is because Din Djarin, or Mando, wears a helmet for most of the series, in fact, he rarely takes it off; This has fueled a number of theories among fans, especially since in other installments of the franchise, the Mandalorians did reveal their faces. In one of the first episodes of the previous season, Pascal's own character points ou...