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US intelligence agency’s amateurish Photoshop of a wheelchair user and a blind man onto its diversity report cover backfires

A US intelligence agency used a stock photo for the cover of a diversity report, The New York Post reported. The image from Shutterstock was Photoshopped to include a blind man and a disabled woman. The images of these two fictional characters were also stock photos from Shutterstock, Insider can reveal. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Office of the Direction of National Intelligence (ODNI), a senior-level agency that provides oversight to the intelligence community, Photoshopped a stock photo of "multi-cultural office staff" for the cover of its annual diversity report, according to the New York Post.The cover ima...
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ClipDrop takes the classic “cut and paste” to another level | Digital Trends Spanish

ClipDrop can become an important and useful tool for designers or anyone who has to work with Photoshop. This innovative application allows you to capture and cut real objects from the environment and paste them into desktop applications, quickly and easily through your smartphone. It is a kind of change with respect to what augmented reality allows, particularly that of projecting digital images in the world around us. In May 2020, it was presented by its creator Cyril Diagne, a French designer, through a video that he published on his social networks and that added more than five million views. Aaand here it is .. !!! ???? After months of hard work with @jblanchefr, @ClipDropApp beta (AR Copy Paste) is now publicly available on #Android, #iOS, #macOS, and #Windows ???? https:/...
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Where to download Photoshop for free: explained step by step | Digital Trends Spanish

The first thing everyone thinks of when talking about photo editing is Photoshop. It doesn't matter if it's a veteran photographer, a designer, or your cousin who loves photography - the number one editing program on the market can be used by everyone. You just need a little practice to get to take advantage of all the capabilities that this application offers. The problem is money? Don't worry - we'll tell you where to download Photoshop for free and legally. If you prefer, you can choose to use other free photo editing software available online or search for the best photo editing apps for iOS or Android if you want to work on mobile devices. Although for best results, you will likely choose to work in front of a large monitor for photo editing. Download your fr...
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Quick and easy: we explain how to remove the background from an image | Digital Trends Spanish

You may think that only a specialist in photo editing programs It is capable of performing complicated tasks such as removing the background from an image, but this is not the case. Today there are various tools that can make work quick and easy; There are even some that you don't even need to download to your computer to take advantage of them. We will tell you! It might interest you Background Burner Let's say you want Photoshop make a mustache on your coworker's face or make some adjustments to an image you found on-line, but you don't have access to Photoshop and all the mustaches you find have an annoying background. To remove the background and obtain a PNG file —which will allow you to isolate your image and save it without any background content— follow the...