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The autopilot of a Tesla causes accident again | Digital Trends Spanish

The autopilot system of Tesla cars remains in question, after a Tesla Model 3 of the Elon Musk brand caused a new accident by colliding with two other vehicles that were stopped on the road. The accident happened in Orlando, Florida, last Saturday, August 28. The vehicle in question crashed into a police car on a highway, which had stopped to help another driver. Fortunately, there was no misfortune to mourn, as only the driver of the Tesla as well as one of the stopped vehicles suffered minor injuries; meanwhile, the police officer was unhurt. The driver of the Tesla Model 3, a 27-year-old man, was driving with autonomous driving at the time of the accident. Happening now: Orange County. Trooper stopped to help a disabled motorist on I-4. When Tesla driving on "auto" mode struck t...
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Tesla Autopilot is under investigation for accidents | Digital Trends Spanish

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an investigation into Tesla's Autopilot system, after identifying eleven accidents related to this assisted driving system. The crashes, which date back to 2018, include one fatal accident and seven that resulted in injuries, according to the agency. "Most of the incidents took place at dusk and the crash scenes found included scene control measures such as emergency vehicle lights, flares, an illuminated arrow board and road cones," wrote the Office of Investigation of NHTSA Defects (ODI) in a document detailing the investigation. "It was confirmed that all involved subject vehicles were connected to the autopilot or traffic-aware cruise control during approach to the vehicles." For now, one of the main conclusions...
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Tesla’s Autopilot mistakes the Moon for a traffic light | Digital Trends Spanish

The owner of a Tesla noted that the vehicle's autopilot mistook the Moon for the yellow light of a traffic light. The user posted a video on Twitter where the failure during assisted driving is clearly seen. "Hey, Elon Musk, you might want your team to deal with how the Moon tricks the autopilot system," Jordan Nelson wrote on Twitter. "The vehicle believes that the Moon is a yellow traffic light and wanted to continue slowing down," he added. Hey @elonmusk you might want to have your team look into the moon tricking the autopilot system. The car thinks the moon is a yellow traffic light and wanted to keep slowing down. 🤦🏼 @Teslarati @teslaownersSV @TeslaJoy pic.twitter.com/6iPEsLAudD & mdash; Jordan Nelson (@JordanTeslaTech) July 23, 2021 The problem is that, according to the reg...