Tuesday, September 28


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Virgin is being investigated for irregularities in its space flight | Digital Trends Spanish

Richard Branson's July flight to the edge of space aboard a Virgin Galactic spacecraft may not have been entirely successful. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened an investigation against the company for having deviated from designated airspace during the flight. According to an article by The New Yorker, the two pilots of the mission received yellow and red lights during the flight that, according to the sources of the investigation, forced them to abort the mission. The article indicates that, during the climb, the VSS Unity was not climbing at the correct angle, more specifically, the angle of climb was not vertical enough. In accordance with airline protocol, pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci had two options at the time: they could either shut off the engine and...
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HBO Max wants to add subscribers with free episodes | Digital Trends Spanish

The different companies that have streaming platforms are currently starring in close competition. For now, Netflix and Amazon Prime seem to be leading, but recently new players such as Disney Plus and HBO Max have joined. Precisely, this last service has made an interesting announcement regarding its strategy to attract new customers. From now on, HBO Max is offering free episodes to potential new subscribers on the app so they can try out the most popular series before deciding to sign up for a streaming service. The company has announced that new viewers who plan to subscribe will be able to watch a selection of 13 pilots from HBO and HBO Max without having to sign up for the service. This is the list of the series whose pilots can be seen in streaming for free: Batwoman Euphoria ga...