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Mini-LED vs. QLED. How one technology is improving the other | Digital Trends Spanish

Since its inception with the first LCD and later LED televisions, technology continues to advance steadily. Nowadays it is very common to hear the term OLED and QLED that although they are not cheap, they are already very common. The newest in this quality category is Mini-LED and it seems TCL is leading the way. In the distance still, MicroLED can be seen, but that is another story, at the moment not very accessible and expensive. You will be interested in: If this sounds too much like QLED technology to you, you've definitely been doing your homework. QLED and mini-LEDs are actually complementary to each other, and together they could finally prove that OLED isn't the only way to get the best image quality in the world. Here's the full Mini-LED and QLED story. LED: size does matt...
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How to download and install Android 11, the newest version of Google’s system | Digital Trends Spanish

If you want to install Android 11, you've come to the right place. The next version of the operating system has already been officially released, although Google did not hold its Google I / O developer fair this year. After a period of public beta, the company released the final version of the system, mainly focused during this time for specific phones. Certain Google and Xiaomi devices have access to the latest version of Android, but other devices will only be able to access the public beta version of Android 11 (if eligible) and will not get the final version of the system within a year. It is important to note that only a few people should download the beta version of the system themselves. In general, it is not a good idea to download this version on a phone th...
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Google Pixel 4a: minimalist but with a powerful camera | Digital Trends Spanish

Google Pixel 4a: minimalist but with a powerful camera "The Google Pixel 4a is a great option at just $ 350, although for its price, we can't expect it to be perfect." It has a great quality camera Ergonomic design Decent performance Cheap Disappointing battery Has no water resistance When Google introduced the Pixel 4a on August 3 at its tempting price tag of $ 349, questions arose about the quality of its features and whether they would be worthy enough to represent Google. Its mid-range predecessor, the Pixel 3a, was highly praised as it retained ...
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The digital image of mourning: the creator of the pixel passed away | Digital Trends Spanish

Russell Kirsch's name is likely unfamiliar to many. However, the work of this American computer scientist is something that we can appreciate daily: the pixel. Kirsch, who died on August 11 at the age of 91 in Portland, United States, was fundamental in what is now digital imaging, as he is credited with inventing the pixel and scanning the first digital photograph. Russell worked for five decades as a scientist for the US National Bureau of Standards, known today as the National Institutes of Science and Technology. The first scanned image ever. Russell A. Kirsch / National Institute of Standards and Technology In 1957, he was part of the team that created the drum scanner, which succeeded in obtaining the first digital image by scanning a photograph of Kirsch's son, ...
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We explain how to activate safe mode in Android | Digital Trends Spanish

Safe mode for Android phones is an easy way to troubleshoot your device. True, manufacturers strive to create the perfect team, but experience has taught us that absolutely no phone, neither the latest nor the newest, is free from flaws, and sooner or later the safe mode could be useful to identify the origin of a problem with your computer. If your device has overheated, unloaded or is not working properly, but does not have these problems in safe mode, then you can corroborate that an application that you installed could be responsible. If you do not know how to activate the safe mode on Android, here we explain all the details so that you can solve your difficulties. How to enable safe mode on a standard Android device If you have a Samsung Galaxy S20, a Google ...
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How to fix dead pixels in the following guide | Digital Trends Spanish

A pixel is that tiny element that is in charge of creating all the images you see on your computer or phone screen. If one "dies", a black dot will appear that could ruin the whole experience. Not only that: this is a problem that can spread to other areas of the screen. Although this failure is one of the most common occurrences in electronic devices, fortunately it can be solved easily and it is not necessary to take your equipment to a technical service. In this guide, we will explain how to repair dead pixels with some applications available on the network. JScreenFix (Web) JScreenFix is the ideal pixel array solution for everyone. It is a web application, so no downloads are required. This also makes it suitable for a wide variety of platforms, including iOS...