Monday, August 2


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A Russian passenger plane that disappeared in Siberia has been located with all 19 people aboard still alive

An Antonov-28 plane, operated by regional airline SiLA, has been found after making an emergency landing in Siberia. All 19 passengers on board are alive and are being evacuated. A source told Interfax that the flight "stopped communicating" mid-flight and had disappeared off radar. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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A Delta pilot is reportedly suing the airline for $1 billion after accusing them of stealing the idea for an app he developed

A Delta pilot is reportedly accusing his employer of stealing his app idea and suing for $1 billion. He spent $100,000 on building the app, which he pitched to Delta, Bloomberg reported. Delta turned down his idea, but then launched an identical app, he reportedly said in the suit. LoadingSomething is loading. ...