Monday, September 20

Pokémon Unite

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These are all the news about Pokémon games | Digital Trends Spanish

Today, August 18, Nintendo presented some news regarding the franchise Pokemon and some of their games. Specifically, announcements were made about the recent Pokémon Unite and trailers of the next titles were presented main of the saga. Pokémon Unite already has a mobile date This was already known in advance but there was no confirmed date, until now: Nintendo announced that Pokémon Unite It will be available on both iOS and Android from September 22, 2021 and those who pre-register on each platform will have access to some exclusive gifts. #PokemonUNITE is coming to mobile on September 22! Pre-register for special rewards! & mdash; Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) August 18, 2021 Pokémon Unite was launched in July on Nintendo Switch and has been quite popul...
nintendo switch, Noticias, Pokémon Unite, Videojuegos

A new Pokémon game will come to Nintendo Switch in July | Digital Trends Spanish

Pokémon Unite is he new pokemon game coming to Nintendo Switch this July. But it is not a traditional one to hunt pokémon, but rather it is a team strategy title that may well fall within the MOBA genre. It is the result of a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Tencent, and it is a title in which two teams of five characters face each other on a fixed battlefield with an overhead perspective, like practically all MOBAs (League of Legends, DOTA and the like). Pokémon Unite will be free to play and within the game, cosmetic items will be sold, which you can buy using the in-game currency called Aeos. In addition, it will have a battle pass that will include several of those objects in a single payment. Another important detail is that it will have integration with Nintendo ac...