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This giant drone was used to bring drugs to Spain | Digital Trends Spanish

Drones have long ceased to be devices that were used as toys by aviation enthusiasts and began to be used successfully in various fields. Thanks to their versatility, these unmanned aircraft are used to explore difficult-to-reach terrain, help rescue people, take impressive aerial shots and move various products. Also to carry drugs from one place to another. At least that is what the Police of Spain indicates, which seized a large drone that was used by drug traffickers to illegally transfer these substances from Morocco to Andalusia. Police of Spain.It is a drone almost 4.5 meters long and 26 kilos. According to the national police, it is the largest drone that has been seized in that country. The device is a Mugin 4450, which can carry a load of up to 25 kg according to its technic...
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USA: Police will intervene Amazon Ring cameras | Digital Trends Spanish

In a clear violation of privacy, the police in Jackson, Missisippi, will intervene the images recorded by the cameras of the Amazon Ring doorbells, which belong to the residents of the city. This was alerted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an American foundation that fights to defend civil liberties in the digital age. Local police will carry out a 45-day pilot program to obtain live broadcasts of the images from Amazon Ring cameras, the entity said in a statement. “Ever since Ring caused a sensation in the market for private security cameras, we have warned of its potential to undermine the civil liberties of its users and their communities. We have been especially concerned about the more than 1,000 partnerships Ring signed with local police departments. This facil...
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Hackers publish data on hundreds of psychiatric patients | Digital Trends Spanish

According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), about one in five Finnish inhabitants suffers from psychological problems. It is one of the countries most affected in Europe by mental illness. For this reason, the cyber attack on the private company Vastaamo, which runs 25 psychological therapy centers throughout the country, caused such a stir. In this action, a group of cybercriminals threatened thousands of patients at these centers with disclosing private and sensitive information about the conversations they had with their therapists. The attackers would have managed to steal a large number of confidential files that they threatened to disclose if each affected patient did not pay them about $ 230 in bitcoin. According to official infor...