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Wikipedia: co-founder accuses leftist bias on site | Digital Trends Spanish

Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, claims that the free encyclopedia stopped being neutral to acquire, according to him, a leftist bias. In a radio interview, the philosopher referred to a series of examples ranging from COVID-19 to the elimination of some information about the current president of the United States Joe Biden, in addition to the impossibility of citing certain media that would not have a place on the left line. “The proper word here is: propaganda, when it is systematic. And that's what we're really dealing with at Wikipedia, ”Sanger said. “What many of our current media outlets, including Wikipedia, seem to assume is that there is only one legitimate and defensible version of the truth on any controversial issue. Of course, Wikipedia was not like that before ”. S...
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IA warns if politicians are distracted by looking at your cell phone | Digital Trends Spanish

Dries Deporteer is a Belgian digital artist who is tired of his country's politicians not doing their job. For this reason, it has decided to act and has done so through an innovative technological device. Deporter has created Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses technologies such as facial recognition to determine whether politicians are looking at their cell phones during parliamentary sessions. The Flemish Scrollers, as this invention is known, is a system that automatically tags politicians in the Parliament of Flanders, in Belgium, when it detects that they are distracted by checking their smartphone. The artist uses the sessions broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Parliament of his country. If there are no live broadcasts, previous videos on the same platform are anal...