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OnlyFans wants to provide a solution to sex workers | Digital Trends Spanish

A bomb dropped the membership platform last Thursday, August 19 OnlyFans, which reported that from October 1 they will remove and will not allow any pornographic content on the site, leaving the limit only on the nudity of the bodies. All as a strategy not to scare off investors and to "guarantee the long-term sustainability" of the application. However, OnlyFans has received gigantic pressure from the porn industry and sex workers, who have helped the popularity and funding of the platform and have also generated a source of income with their videos and photos. For that reason and aware of the earthquake of its announcement, OnlyFans grabbed the glove and communicated last Saturday, August 21 via Twitter, you are looking for a solution for those content creators. Dear Sex Workers, The...
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Pornography on OnlyFans and the Ghost of Tumblr | Digital Trends Spanish

OnlyFans' decision to ban explicit pornography content from October 2021 brought to mind the case of Tumblr, the platform that took a similar action in late 2018 after material involving minors was detected. You will be interested in: According to OnlyFans, the measure seeks to respond to the demands of its payment means providers and to guarantee the viability of the platform. But can you avoid the mistakes Tumblr made in 2018? What steps did Tumblr take On December 2019, Tumblr banned all types of pornographic content, such as nude photos, videos, GIFs, and even illustrations depicting or hinting at sexual acts. "Adult content mainly includes photos, videos or GIFs that show human genitalia or female nipples, and any content (...) that represents sexual acts," Tumblr emphasized in an...
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Investigation Reveals How OnlyFans Allowed Illegal Content | Digital Trends Spanish

After the surprising announcement of OnlyFans and the total ban on pornographic content, a new investigation publishes some details of the internal management of the company and reveals how OnlyFans allowed certain illegal content within the platform if it was published by "successful" accounts. The BBC report provides somewhat lurid details about the work of OnlyFans moderators, whose job it is to review posted content and enforce certain rules. But some moderators, on condition of anonymity, explain that OnlyFans does not act in the same way with all its creators and that with certain content and certain accounts it was more permissive. One of these moderators reveals that OnlyFans' unwritten rules were simple: if your followers with fewer followers posted illegal content, they were ...
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OnlyFans changes course and bans pornographic content | Digital Trends Spanish

The launch of an application without adult content was only the first step in an even more radical measure: from October 1, OnlyFans will also ban all explicit pornographic content within its platform. Through a statement, the company announced the decision as a way to "comply with the requests of our payment means partners" and also with the objective of "ensuring the long-term sustainability of the platform" and to make the entire community feel welcome and welcomed within OnlyFans. "We must evolve our own guidelines for conduct," OnlyFans assured Variety. GettyimagesThe announcement did not provide further details about how this change will be carried out, although the company assures that they will give all kinds of support and support to those who publish content on the platform. ...