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Realme presents Realme Pad, its first tablet | Digital Trends Spanish

During a meeting with the Spanish media, the CEO of Realme for Europe and Asia, Madhav Sheth presented Realme Pad, the company's first tablet. The manufacturer highlights the design of this device as one of its main features. The Realme Pad has an ultra-light appearance of just 6.9mm thick, 440 grams of weight and has been made of aluminum. It has a 10.4 »WUXGA screen with a 2000 × 1200 resolution, and also features Eye Comfort technology to enhance the reading experience. Erika Garcia.Regarding its autonomy, it can work up to 12 hours of continuous video playback or 65 hours in standby thanks to its 7100 mAh battery. Erika Garcia.Erika Garcia.Finally, it has the Helio G80 processor from MediaTek and the Realme UI for Pad operating system. At the moment, this tablet has been announced...
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This was the idea that gave rise to the first Sony walkman | Digital Trends Spanish

It is considered one of the most iconic objects of popular culture of the 20th century. Sony's popular walkman was launched on July 1, 1979, which is its 42nd birthday today. It is the TPS-L2, which in its first ten years sold more than 50 million units and marked a true revolution in the way there was to play music. Basically what the historic first Sony Walkman allowed was for people to be able to take their music with them everywhere and that marked a real departure from the past. The idea that changed everything Masura Ibuka, one of the presidents of Sony, had a habit of traveling listening to classical music. The problem was that the executive had to carry around a TC-D5 cassette recorder, large and heavy as it was. At the time, Ibuka commissioned the company's development team t...
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Fun products on Amazon that you didn’t even know existed | Digital Trends Spanish

You already know that in Amazon you can find appliances, telephones, household items and the book you want. You might even know how to find free stuff on Amazon. But did you know that you can buy all kinds of fun products on Amazon, like a horse mask, a Viking drinking horn, and a lightsaber umbrella? Sure, you don't need any of that ... do you? Motion Activated Toilet Light This frivolous item is exactly what you need in the dead of night. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, this handy little light will be a beacon in the dark when you need it most. All you have to do is connect it to your toilet and its motion sensor LED light will do the rest. Amazon Hot dog roaster How do you cook your hot dogs? At a barbecue? Do you boil them? Do you fry them? Regardless o...
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The classic Pong returns in a new retro console from Atari | Digital Trends Spanish

Pong, one of the first and most popular video games in history, has returned from the hand of a new retro console from Atari. It is the Atari Mini Pong Jr. which, unlike other proposals revival, It has a single pre-installed game, precisely Pong. This version consists of a desktop console designed for two players to face off "face to face" in the traditional game to see which of the two gets the most points. The idea is that this console can be carried everywhere, which is why it can be considered as a combination between a portable and a desktop console. Atari. Thanks to its dimensions of 30 x 12 x 7.7 it can be easily loaded inside a bag or backpack; it is also light since it weighs only one kilo. For its operation, the Atari Mini Pong Jr. can be used with batteries or through a...
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Best Laptops for Video and Editing Jobs | Digital Trends Spanish

If you are thinking about editing video and want to do it correctly, you will need, at a minimum, a high-quality screen and enough power to be able to process large files. If you are a professional who is dedicated to working in this field, but also if you are an amateur who wants to venture into the world of YouTube; Investing in a computer of these characteristics will facilitate your task. That is why we have created this list of the best video laptops on the market. Honor roll Our favorite Dell XPS 15 Why should you buy it? The Dell XPS 15 looks very attractive, is built incredibly well, and can be configured with some of the most powerful components on the market. For whom it is? For anyone who wants a fast Windows 10 laptop for video editing… and everything ...