Tuesday, September 28

Pozos profundos

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These are the deepest holes drilled by humanity | Digital Trends Spanish

What are the secrets that the core of the Earth hides? And while digging a hole might seem like the simplest way to find out, the job is harder than it sounds. Proof of this is that the deepest holes drilled by man they have only been able to penetrate the earth's crust. You will be interested in: The Earth's crust is the outermost layer of the five that –in chemical terms– make up the structure of the Earth. It has a depth that varies between 5 kilometers (oceanic crust) and up to 70 kilometers (continental crust). Under it, are the upper mantle, the lower mantle (which begins at about 665 kilometers deep), the outer core (which starts at about 2,900 kilometers deep) and the inner core, a solid sphere that begins at about 5,155 kilometers deep. However, the largest perforations made...