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How much does Spotify Premium cost and what do you get in return? Digital Trends Spanish

If you want unlimited skipping, free downloads, offline music, and other cool Spotify features, you'll have to go beyond the free account, which, while it's a good starting point to get familiar with the platform, is very limited and doesn't compare. which you can enjoy once you become a Premium subscriber. But how much does Spotify Premium cost? The platform offers different plans that can fit your budget and lifestyle. Get to know them here. Note: these prices apply to the United States and may vary in other countries. You will be interested in: Spotify plans Spotify Free With a free Spotify account, you can listen (almost) all you want, as long as you're willing to put up with ads. However, you cannot choose the tracks you want to listen to when and how you want; you will have t...
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We compare the Xbox One S and Xbox One X in detail | Digital Trends Spanish

Now that the next generation of consoles is a reality and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have hit the shelves, it's a great time to get… older consoles. And it is that rumors say that Microsoft could discontinue one of them, perhaps both; However, before they disappear you can buy one at a price that is difficult to refuse. The question that remains is, which of the two to buy? You might think they are pretty much the same, especially after learning that you can play the same titles on Xbox One S and Xbox One X, but these two consoles are actually very different. specs Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One X CPU 8 core, AMD custom CPU @ 1.75GHz 8 core, AMD custom CPU @ 1.75GHz 8 core x86 CPU @ 2.3GHz GPU AMD GCN GPU @ 853Mhz w / 12 compute units AMD GCN GPU @ 914Mhz w ...
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Tesla’s tequila: sold out and resold for double | Digital Trends Spanish

What once started as a kind of joke by Elon Musk on social networks, under the name "Teslaquila", is now a reality. Musk's electric car maker Tesla just launched its own line of tequila, called Tequila Tesla. Despite the surprise, the unusual product turned out to be a success and was only available for sale for seven hours before it was sold out. The distillate sold for $ 250 on the Tesla website and came in an attractive bottle shaped like a lightning bolt. It is produced by Nosotros Tequila, a liquor brand in Southern California. Tesla. You can get it ... twice the original value For those who could not access the concoction, we leave as consolation part of the description that the label of the bottle brought: "Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels and in a hand-blown glass b...
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How much will vaccines for coronavirus cost? | Digital Trends Spanish

The US modern laboratory, which is in stage three of developing the coronavirus vaccine, revealed the price of the doses. The biotechnology company, which received funds from the Operation Warp Speed ​​program (which in Spanish means “Maximum Speed ​​Operation”) from the United States federal government, commented that it has US $ 400 million in customer deposits for a possible supply of its vaccine mRNA-1273. According to what it has estimated and announced, Moderna will market its doses at a price of $ 40 dollars, while the wholesale price would reach between $ 32 dollars to $ 37 dollars. Getty Images / Digital Trends Graphics In any case, Moderna's CEO, Stéphane Bancel, promised during a conference call with analysts that their vaccine would be affordable. “We are wo...
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How much does Netflix really cost? Here we tell you | Digital Trends Spanish

Although the arrival of new options such as Disney Plus or HBO Max has intensified competition in the field of streamingNo one has managed to wrest Netflix the crown of the most popular platform worldwide. If you are a fan of series and good home theater, surely you already have it; But if you are just considering the idea of ​​hiring him, are you clear how much Netflix really costs? For $ 9 a month, you have access to an incredible selection of acclaimed productions, but if you want to share your account with other users or watch movies with a higher resolution, the cost will increase. And although the rate scheme is simple, there is never a need to explain how it works. You may also be interested Streaming plans Unsplash Netflix has three plans: Basic, worth $ 9 ...