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Twitter lets you choose who can reply to tweets already posted | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter continues to give users tools with which to control and prevent harassment within the platform. The microblogging social network confirmed on July 13 which has added a new function with which we can decide who can reply to a specific tweet once it has already been published. Previously, the platform enabled the ability to choose who responds to a tweet before publishing it, but this new feature expands the options and allows us to have more control over our content. Twitter allows us to choose between three types of people who can respond to a post: any user of the platform, only those who follow us or the most restrictive of all, only the usernames that we have mentioned in the tweet. Regardless of the option chosen, the rest of the users will be able to continue interacting w...
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Twitter wants you to know when they look for you by name | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter is testing new privacy features, one of the most interesting is a tool that notifies users when other people have searched for their profile name. The new function allows them to choose if they want to be found in this way, with time limits. Lena Emara, Twitter product designer, has published a series of new privacy features on her account that would seek to achieve “a healthier Twitter”, offering more control to users to limit unwanted interactions. Privacy is one of those things everyone wants, but it's not a one-size-fits-all. Very early concepts in 🧵are ways I'm exploring to make Twitter healthier. These are just ideas and not being built (yet?), So your feedback is helpful! & mdash; Lena Emara (@LenaEmara) July 6, 2021 This new option allows yo...
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The Internet now even knows what breed of dog you are | Digital Trends Spanish

It was another cyberspace. On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog, the cartoon that Peter Steiner published on July 5, 1993 in the magazine The New Yorker, refers to a characteristic that has been eliminated by sophisticated tracking and identification techniques with which, even without knowing something basic like our name, they are capable of creating a sophisticated socioeconomic profile for marketing purposes. Online marketers sum it up in a simple and suggestive phrase: not even your mother knows as much about you as Google. The cartoon has been reproduced ad nausea, and in recent years, adapted to the cultural mass dissemination vehicle par excellence: the meme. Two dogs sitting in front of a computer, one of them with a paw on the keyboard as if he were about to ente...
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How to clear your Google Assistant history | Digital Trends Spanish

It is undeniable that virtual assistants have crept into our daily lives and that many of us have internalized their use almost without realizing it. And they are frankly useful tools that allow us to do almost everything from our smart phone or speaker without having to lift a single finger. You will be interested in: The less friendly side of this type of technology is, of course, its way of treating user privacy. Both Apple and Google and Amazon have recognized that their employees have access to part of the conversations between users and their virtual assistants. The reason for this eavesdropping is, in the words of the companies themselves, to improve their speech recognition technology in different languages. However, despite the fact that the terms of use are clear in this r...
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Google admits that its virtual assistant records users | Digital Trends Spanish

Google records the commands that we give to its virtual assistant to improve its accuracy, but it seems that it also records us even if we did not say "Ok Google" previously. According to an IndiaToday report collected by Android Authority, Google representatives have admitted to the Indian government that their employees listen to recordings of conversations between users and Google Assistant, even when the user has not summoned it. Google had already confirmed in the past that its employees listen to user recordings in order to improve its speech recognition technology in different languages. They noted then that only a small part of the audio is accessible to their employees and that sensitive conversations are never heard. However, to this day the company has not clarified how it ...
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Do you know how to delete history completely? It is very simple | Digital Trends Spanish

In this guide we will explain how to completely erase your history, no matter which browser you use. Clearing your browser's cache is an important part of the maintenance that must be carried out so that our work flows smoothly, and you should not forget to do it periodically. The cache is responsible for storing the data of the sites you have visited and, although its purpose is to speed up loading times, in the long run it can end up slowing down your browser, in addition to that your private information will be more vulnerable in case of an attack malicious. You will be interested in: But why clear the cache? Maybe cleaning your cache is not absolutely necessary, nor is it something you have to do frequently. However, there are several reasons why clearing your browser's cache migh...
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How to reinforce privacy in your social networks | Digital Trends Spanish

We all enjoy sharing photos, videos, or reflections on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. However, we tend to forget that we are giving up part of our privacy. Therefore, it would not be a bad thing to spend a few minutes from time to time reviewing your account settings. As the process is not easy to understand, we will tell you how to enforce privacy on your social networks. You could find yourself with more than one surprise. You will be interested in: Before doing so, you should bear in mind that when you share your personal information, this translates into a "better experience" on the platform. In this way, you may stop receiving content based on your interactions or location. Another relevant aspect for all platforms is that even if they are private, it is possible that other ...
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Tim Berners-Lee launches the first step of his Solid project | Digital Trends Spanish

The man known for being the inventor of the World Wide Web concept, in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, has announced the first step of his Solid privacy project, launched through his start-up Inrupt. This initiative seeks that users can have greater control over their data and goes in the same line as the pursuit of a network "more respectful of privacy". It would mark an important distance with the centralization of our data by giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook. For now, Inrupt has launched the first server with the Solid system, which would be intended for companies and organizations. Thus, any of them that want to join can do so from now on. How does it work? This project presents as a main novelty the POD, or personal online data, a kind of digital container that stores the perso...
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These safe browsers will protect your privacy to the maximum | Digital Trends Spanish

If you regularly work with your computer and the internet, it is important that you have a fast network with which you can save time and also a reliable browser that can maintain your privacy. Our selection of the best secure browsers includes a wide variety of privacy features that are sure to interest you. In fact, think about our first choice: Brave. This browser contains many of the same features as other popular browsers, but its emphasis on privacy and security really makes it stand out. Features like default and customizable settings that allow you to block things like ads, trackers, and malware make Brave a particularly useful browser for protecting your privacy. And if Brave is not the ideal browser for you, we invite you to continue reading and take a loo...
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We explain how to unblock someone on Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

Maybe you've already reconsidered and decided that blocking that person on Facebook was an excessive measure; Or maybe you just want to spy a bit to see what that contact is up to that you don't want to be spying on you. Whatever it is, unblocking someone on Facebook is pretty easy and you can do it on your mobile phone or on the web. Here's how to unblock someone on Facebook when you've changed your mind. Unblock with the Facebook app To unblock someone using the app, go to your feed and tap the menu button in the upper right corner. Then go to Settings and Privacy