Monday, July 26


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China orders the removal of the Didi app from stores, accusing the ride-hailing company of illegally collecting personal data

Chinese regulators' suspension of the Didi app comes days after the company's New York IPO. China's cyberspace agency accused the company of "serious violations" of in both collecting and using personal data. The company has said it would comply with the ban and make required changes. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Texas power companies automatically raised the temperature of customers’ smart thermostats in the middle of a heatwave

Texas power companies remotely adjusted the temperature of customers' smart thermometers, KHOU 11 reported. Customers had unknowingly enrolled in a promotion letting companies raise the temperature to save energy. Texas regulators asked residents last week to conserve energy amid an early summer heat wave. See more stories on Insider's business page. Texas power companies heated up some customers' homes last week by remotely controlling their smart thermostats, KHOU 11 reported on Thursday.Some residents in the state, which is facing a heat wave that's straining its power grid, told KHOU 11 that they had awoken sweating and shocked...