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Common MacOS Catalina problems that we help you solve | Digital Trends Spanish

At its launch in October 2019, Catalina boasted new features and the departure of others, along with new applications, among which SideCar stood out. Apple continues to offer support for older models since its release. Of course, like any great software project, it is normal that there are problems in its operation; That is why here we bring you the solution to the macOS Catalina problems. You will be interested in: MacOS Catalina problems on installation Although the process of Upgrading to Catalina is pretty straightforward - you'll find the update on Apple's Mac App Store - some users have reported problems downloading the update. The most common error codes, at least in the first few days of the Catalina download, include messages such as "The network connection was lost" or "Th...
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Some problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and what to do with them Digital Trends Spanish

The main milestone that the Galaxy Note 8 brought with it in 2017 was that it made us forget the disaster that the Galaxy Note 7 meant for Samsung with its kamikaze batteries. The eighth generation of this range - although it was quickly surpassed by the Note 9 and Note 10 - stands out for its dual cameras, excellent performance and S Pen functionality. But it is not without its flaws either. We review the most common Samsung Galaxy Note 8 problems and reveal some secrets to you. Problem: insensitive touch screen In the forums of Samsung and of XDA developers reports were filed about screens not responding. Users contend that sometimes they can't swipe down notifications, and at other times, touches are recorded without people touching the screen. Alternative meth...
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How to fix the most common Google Home problems | Digital Trends Spanish

Google Home is an amazing product. However, just like any device on the planet, it could be that on occasion things don't go perfectly well. Are you having difficulty keeping your Google Home connected to the Wi-Fi network? Is your smart speaker ignoring you and not responding to your commands? Quiet. Before you throw it out the window, take a look at this article where we collect the most common Google Home problems and tips to get things working the way they should. I can't keep it connected to my wifi network Check and make sure the Home microphone is turned on, as it could have been accidentally turned off. It will also help to check the indicator light located on the speaker; four lights mean the microphone is off. To turn the microphone back on, use the ...
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Does the Check Engine light come on in your car? These may be the reasons | Digital Trends Spanish

That little light with the orange engine-shaped icon that appears on the dashboard of your car may be annoying, but do not ignore it: it is a sign that something is not quite right. If you leave it for too long, your car could leave you stranded at any moment. If you see the check engine light come on and you have no idea why… keep reading. And it is that this light warns of problems ranging from a gas tank cap that is not properly closed (or not closed at all) to more serious failures, such as a malfunction of the catalytic converter or problems with one of the car's oxygen sensors . Oxygen sensor failure The oxygen sensor (sometimes called O2 sensor) measures the amount of unburned oxygen in a car's exhaust system. The sensor sends this data to the vehicle's compu...
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The most common problems in Zoom (and how to fix them) | Digital Trends Spanish

This has been a year of changes, a year of adapting, both in personal matters and, undoubtedly, the labor aspect; And perhaps no tool has experienced such breakneck notoriety as Zoom. If you, like millions of people in the world, have started working from home, you must take care that your videoconferences are 100 percent professional. However, in real life things don't always work out as they should. Many problems can make your video conference less perfect, from audios that fail and echoes during calls to difficulties in sharing the screen or problems with virtual backgrounds; but in Digital trends in Spanish we always have you covered. We review some of the most common problems in Zoom and, of course, their solutions. It might interest you: Camera or audio is ...
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The most common problems of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and their solutions

The new Samsung phones are amazing and we love them, but do you really need to get rid of your Galaxy S10 of 2019? This is still a great device that offers top-notch performance, camera and battery. Sure, it's not without its drawbacks, but we're here to help you. Find out what are the most common Samsung Galaxy S10 problems and possible solutions. Issue: difficulties with the fingerprint reader It seems that some S10 phone users have reported problems with the fingerprint reader, according to some threads in the XDA developer forum. Users receive error messages asking them to push the reader harder, and others complain that only 20 percent of the time. Solution: Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a quick fix. Apparently, the issues with the fingerprint read...