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Google Announces New Safety Features for Minors | Digital Trends Spanish

Google announces changes to its security policies that will allow those under 18 years of age to request the removal of their images from search results. According to the technology company, this initiative is part of a series of modifications that will be introduced in the coming weeks. Thus, minors, their parents or legal guardians may request that the photographs be removed. Google will also expand to users up to 18 years of age the secure search tool that, until now, was available to children under 13 years of age on Family Link accounts. By using filters, this app prevents adult content from appearing in the results. Youtube The changes announced by Google also include its YouTube video platform. The company announced that it will gradually adjust the default upload settings to ...
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The best screen protectors for iPhone 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

The iPhone 11's combination of power, beauty, and lower price makes it a first-choice alternative phone for many. But, like any device, it is somewhat fragile, and it is easy to see how the glass body and the screen can be scratched, damaged or broken. These are some of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 that we have found so far. You will be interested in: Speck ShieldView Glass This is one of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11. First of all, it is made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, so it will protect your beloved cell phone from all kinds of scratches and scuffs from household metal objects. , including keys and knives. Its strength is enhanced by its oleophobic coating, so fingerprints and other smudges are reduced to a minimum. Second, the protector is ...
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With these camera doorbells you will watch over your house and feel more secure | Digital Trends Spanish

Do you want to be more secure in your home? Well now, with camera doorbells, you will achieve just this. With these types of devices you can not only see who is on the other side of your door, they also allow you to communicate with that person, be it a pizza delivery man, a messenger, a neighbor or a stranger. And the best thing is that to obtain this extra security in your home it is not necessary that you are at home, you can have your home monitored from anywhere through your cell phone. It couldn't be easier! If you are already convinced that you need to put one of these smart doorbells in your life, don't miss our selection of the best devices of this type that you will find on the market. We assure you. Ring Video Doorbell 2 With this doorbell, you can see...
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The best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | Digital Trends Spanish

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus was not only the best phone of 2019, but we believe it was one of the best smartphones of all time. For the same reason, we are impressed with all the improvements of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. If you have recently bought this phone or are planning to do so soon, you will definitely want a quality screen protector and case. The Ultra model is a great investment and you should do everything you can to take care of its beautiful and vibrant AMOLED screen. Without further ado, these are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen protectors. Tech21 Impact Shield Tech21 is one of the leading brands for screen protectors and covers, and for good reason: Their products are top-notch and built to withstand even the harshest impacts....
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Google Pixel 4a cases: we select the best for you | Digital Trends Spanish

Looking for a great affordable smartphone? The Pixel 4a is the latest from Google, and it's an impressive phone with a flagship camera and a budget-friendly price. But even a cheap phone deserves protection, because if something happens to it you will have to invest in fixing it and the money saved on its purchase you will spend later. Here are some of the best Google Pixel 4a cases to keep your budget phone safe from everyday threats. Spigen Slim Armor Essential S Case Are you looking for a slim protection that does not hide the design of the mobile? Spigen's Slim Armor Essential S is for you. Is made of TPU and completely clear polycarbonate, so you can show off your phone's great style. But it is not just about showing off your aesthetics, it will also give yo...
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How to make watermarks for photos: choose your favorite method

We wish it was not necessary, but the reality is that sometimes a watermark is essential to prevent other people from using your photos on the internet without asking your permission or even giving you your credit. You probably think it's unaesthetic, and yes, you're right; However, knowing how to watermark photos is extremely useful to confront those friends of others. Here we explain the different available alternatives. The fastest and easiest way The easiest way to add copyright to your image is to use a tool that allows you to place a text as simple as your name, which you can do with any simple photo editing program, which even includes Microsoft Paint. This watermark is extremely simple and personalized, since you can decide whether to write it discreetly in ...