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They are inspired by cockroaches for a hard-to-squash robot | Digital Trends Spanish

It is very common for humans to be inspired by the natural world to carry out some of the most important technological advances. In the case of robots, many of them are based on characteristics taken from animals. This has happened with this particular prototype developed at the University of Berkeley and which seems to mimic a cockroach. The objective of the team in charge was to create a robot that could perform tasks in places that are difficult to access and where it can continue to operate after suffering any type of damage. And like cockroaches it is practically impossible to squash. In fact, in tests it proved capable of supporting a load of up to six times its own weight. Part of its strength is due to its simplicity. This robot has been made from a small curved plate of piez...
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They create robotic arm to simulate going hand in hand | Digital Trends Spanish

Technology has made amazing strides in creating prototypes that greatly mimic the limbs of the human body. These initiatives have become a good help for those who have suffered accidents and have lost limbs or mobility in some of these limbs. Of course, the Japanese have found another use for these types of devices. Inspired by these prototypes, a group of Japanese researchers has developed a robotic hand whose only use would be to give those who do not have a partner the feeling of holding hands with their loved ones. The initiative emerged from the University of Gifu as part of a research, and the robotic hand, called Osampo KanojoIt is very similar to a real one, both in its design and proportions and in the feeling it produces when touched. Gifu Iniversity. The authors focused ...
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This cockroach-inspired robot runs on water | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of researchers and developers from Israel has presented a novel robot whose design and characteristics are inspired by nature. It is AmphiSTAR, an amphibious robot capable of running at high speed on water in addition to swimming. According to its designers, it also copes quite well on other types of terrain, including the most difficult. The making of this prototype has been inspired by cockroaches and lizards and was presented virtually at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). The AmphiSTAR is the size of the palm of your hand. It has wheels and is equipped with four propellers that can be tilted during the expansion mechanism. The propellers also act as wheels on the ground and as fins capable of propelling the robot over the water. As ...