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Spain seeks paid volunteers to test its vaccines | Digital Trends Spanish

Two organizations related to the field of health in Spain are looking for volunteers to test the vaccines they develop for COVID-19. The Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC) is looking for people who want to be part of the trial of the CSIC-Biofabric vaccine, which has shown 100 percent efficacy in mice. For these tests, people between 18 and 39 years old who are not vaccinated and who have not been infected with coronavirus are needed. Meanwhile, the Girona Institute for Biomedical Research has published a statement calling on the public to test the Hipra vaccine, which plans to produce about 400 million doses of the drug Hipra SARS-CoV-2 during the next year. In this case, those who sign up as volunteers will receive remuneration for taking both doses. In addition, they will ...
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Oxford University Starts HIV Vaccine Trials | Digital Trends Spanish

Researchers at the University of Oxford began phase I trials of a novel vaccine targeting a "wide range" of HIV variants. The HIV-CORE 0052 trial is part of the European AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and will involve 13 healthy, HIV-negative adults between 18 and 65 years of age, who are not considered to be at high risk of infection. Thus, participants will receive a dose of the vaccine, known as HIVconsvC, followed by another booster dose at four weeks. How does it work? Unlike other vaccine candidates, HIVconsvX is designed to induce immune system T lymphocytes and target highly conserved and vulnerable regions of HIV. “An effective vaccine against HIV has been elusive for 40 years. This trial is the first in a series of evaluations of this novel vaccine strategy both in HIV-negative ind...
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Brazil suspends trials of Chinese vaccine against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) suspended phase 3 clinical trials of a candidate vaccine against COVID-19 developed by China. The agency decided to stop the tests after a volunteer suffered "a serious incident" during the clinical trial of the CoronaVac vaccine. Although Anvisa did not provide further details about what happened, it assured that these incidents could include death, possibly fatal side effects, serious disability, hospitalization, in addition to other clinically significant events. For its part, the Chinese laboratory Sinovac Biotech said in a statement that it was confident in the safety of its antidote, in addition to ruling out that the incident was related to it. This situation took the Butantan Institute, the public body that coordinates v...
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Human Challenge: voluntary infection for COVID-19 vaccines | Digital Trends Spanish

The entire planet maintains a fierce fight against COVID-19. The pandemic caused by this disease looms as one of the greatest health threats we have faced in recent times. At this point, with more than a million deaths globally, any attempt to slow the spread of the virus is worth it, even if it includes intentionally infecting some volunteer patients. Scientists from Imperial College have proposed a controversial and disputed method of deliberate exposure, known as the test "Human challenge ". According to experts, this strategy would include deliberately infecting a group of volunteer patients in early 2021, to study how vaccinated people respond to being exposed to the virus. This could accelerate the discovery of an effective coronavirus vaccine and make a difference to the wa...
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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Enters Final Testing Phase | Digital Trends Spanish

The pharmaceutical company Janssen, from the multinational Johnson & Johnson, has entered phase three with its coronavirus vaccine, which would be tested in a large-scale trial in the United States that would include 60,000 volunteers, according to an article by The Washington Post. This is the last phase before possible final approval if it can demonstrate efficacy and safety. Trials starting this Wednesday seek to determine whether the technology can be used to prevent symptomatic COVID-19. The vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson is the fourth to begin large-scale clinical trials for COVID-19 in the United States, along with Moderna, AstraZeneca and another developed in partnership by Pfizer and BioNTech. One of the main characteristics that differentiates it from...