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A Harvard psychologist explains the rise in passengers getting violent on airplanes and customers abusing retail workers: People have reached’a boiling point’

Passenger violence on airplanes is spiking and retail workers are experiencing customer harassment. Fear and anxiety activates the fight-or-flight part of our brain, a Harvard psychologist said. Now, after a year and a half of being on edge, many people are reaching a "boiling point." LoadingSomething is loading. Violence on airplanes is spiki...
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I’m a neuroscientist. I’m not worried about how screens will affect kids’ brains — here’s why.

David Eagleman is an author, neuroscientist at Stanford University, and host of "The Brain" on PBS. Below is an excerpt from his book, "Livewired," reprinted here with permission. In it, Eagleman says the internet, including screens, has unlocked a much richer level of education for children today. See more stories on Insider's business page. Given that the brain becomes wired from experience, what are the neural consequences of growing up on screens? Are the brains of digital natives different from the brains of the generations before them? ...
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People with a’growth mindset’ are better problem-solving — here are 4 ways to develop one, according to experts

People with healthy growth mindsets are often more curious and motivated to learn new things. Researchers from Yale-National University of Singapore say this mindset can be developed with practice. Instead of expecting to simply'find' your passions, make an intentional effort to nurture and develop them. LoadingSomething is loading. ...