Monday, September 20

Qué es Google Discover

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What is Google Discover and how to activate (or deactivate) it | Digital Trends Spanish

The Californian company wants to update you on your interests, from your favorite sports team to the best content from the news site that you consult regularly, without you bothering to search. Therefore, we tell you below what is Google Discover and how to turn it on (or off). You may also like: What is Google Discover? Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in SpanishWhen you enter the app from Google or you scroll to the last screen on the left in the main interface on Android, a feed of content, which is called Google Discover. The same company indicates that this section allows you to receive "news about your interests, such as your sports team or your favorite news website, without having to search for them." But how do you know the interests of the users? The technology states ...