Friday, July 30

Qué es Kik Messenger

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Kik Messenger, the messaging app that attracts teenagers | Digital Trends Spanish

Whether you want to protect your privacy, or simply you are looking for a new way to communicate, it is convenient for you to know Kik Messenger, an app that - unlike others - does not require your phone number. Are you interested? This is all there is to know about it. You will be interested in: What is Kik Messenger In simple words, it is a free application for instant messaging and social networks, which uses the data plan of your phone or the Wi-Fi connection to send messages to other users, without the need for the SMS system. It is available for ios, Android Y Amazon (Kindle Fire). While Kik isn't the only one offering similar features, it sets itself apart with a distinctive but controversial effort to target a specific demographic - Kik appeals to the teen crowd due to its em...