Monday, August 2

Qué es la tecnología LiDAR y cómo puedo utilizarla

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What is LiDAR technology and how can I use it? Digital Trends Spanish

You've probably heard this term when talking about high-end cell phones, but exactly whatwhat is LiDAR technology? While it has been around for years, it is now more affordable and accessible than ever; That is why we are seeing it appear in a variety of professional applications and is even part of a smart home. Here's what you need to know, where it's headed, and what products you can expect to see it in. You will be interested in: What is LiDAR technology LiDAR stands for Light Detection tond Ranging, a term similar to radar (Rait gave Detection tond Ranging, in English). While radar uses radio waves and receivers, LiDAR uses light. A LiDAR system is generally made up of three important parts: To be- The laser sends out precisely generated pulses of light. As you may recall fro...