Monday, September 20


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They find remains of a flying dinosaur similar to a dragon | Digital Trends Spanish

In Australia, a group of scientists discovered the remains of a giant flying dinosaur, described by scientists as a fearsome dragon that would have flown over Australian territory during the Cretaceous. This new pletosaurus was christened Thapunngaka shawi, had seven-meter long wings and a lance-shaped snout. Tim Richards is the leader of the team at the University of Queensland that studied this reptile. The scientist pointed out that it is "the closest thing in real life to a dragon", in addition to adding that it would have been "a fearsome beast." Recreation. University of QueenslandThe description of this flying dinosaur was based on the analysis of the jaw fossil that was discovered in June 2011 by a resident of the Wanamara people, in eastern Australia. According to the research...