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The best RAM for PC you can buy in 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

Although there is a sweet spot when it comes to the magic number of RAM your computer should have, a higher amount will allow you to run demanding applications with ease, as well as making the experience feel faster overall. The best RAM for PC It can give you all the extra capacity and speed you need and upgrade your equipment in the process. You will be interested in: However, not all RAM kits are built equally. Differences in timing and speed can lead to better performance and stability, so it is a good idea to choose a reputable one over a cheap one. We have options for every type of computer and purpose, from one of the fastest DDR4 kits on the market to a kit that will cost you around $ 50. The best RAM for PC Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro LED 16 GB 3,200 MHz Why should you buy it...
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This is the Ram 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

It seems incredible that more than a decade has passed since the Dodge truck line was converted into a separate operation under the Ram name. But that's not what the manufacturer commemorates, with the introduction of the new version of its light-duty pickup. Ram 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition 2022 that we show in this note. According to the press release distributed by Ram, the new model celebrates “a decade of leadership in luxury pickups,” which translated into simple Spanish means the commemoration of the launch of the first edition of the Ram 1500 Limited, the most luxurious version of the Ram line. Reason to celebrate is what is left over, as the Ram 1500 Limited has been a true goose that lays golden eggs for Stellantis, Ram's parent company, so you can count on this not...
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RAM memory: what is it and how to choose the best one for you | Digital Trends Spanish

RAM (Random Access Memory) is an essential component in all devices, from laptops, desktops, cell phones, and game consoles. Without RAM, it is impossible to work on any type of system, and on the other hand, not having enough amount required by the application or game you are trying to run can cause things to slow down or even prevent them from running. What is RAM exactly? Simply put, it is a high-speed component that temporarily stores all the information a device needs at any time. Access to data in RAM is incredibly fast, unlike hard drives that are slower but provide long-term storage. If you are thinking of building your own computer and you just need to know how much RAM you need or how to install some extra RAM, we also have guides for this. Short term memor...
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All about the extreme Ram 1500 TRX off-road truck | Digital Trends Spanish

At the end of June 2020, Ford introduced the 14th generation of the successful F-150. That same day, Ram enthused his followers on social networks with a video showing the feats of his radical 1500 TRX, an all-rounder that will compete directly with the F-150 Raptor. This Tuesday, August 12, Ram made the TRX launch date official: Monday, August 17 at noon (EDT). The event will be broadcast live through the accounts of Facebook and Youtube manufacturer. The brand, which belongs to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group, provided some details of what would be its most “rebellious” truck in 2016, when it presented the Ram Rebel TRX concept at the Texas State Fair. Up front, the truck was fitted with 37-inch tires and the suspension offered 40 percent more travel than ...
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This is RAM, this is how it works and this is what you need | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the first things you hear when looking for a new PC is the word "RAM." The random access memory, or RAM (for its acronym in English), is undoubtedly one of the key elements of a computer. But do you really know what it is, or how much RAM you need? Today's computers typically range from 4GB to 16GB or more. But the amount of RAM basically depends on two factors: what you want and how much you are willing to pay. In this article, we will focus on computers running desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS. How much RAM do you need? Bill Roberson / Digital Trends In a nutshell, here are some simple RAM guidelines that apply to most devices. 2 GB- Only found in budget tablet designs. It's fine for these devices, but you'll definitely want mo...