Sunday, September 19

ranura micro SD

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How to choose one of the best microSD cards for your cell phone or tablet | Digital Trends Spanish

If you run out of storage space on your phone or tablet, you'll want to find a way to increase it. One of the easiest options is to insert one of the best microSD cards that supports your device - and your wallet. Unfortunately, not all devices have a slot. If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you are not so lucky. You will be interested in: Fortunately, some of the best Android phones and tablets do support them, although if you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S21, you might be disappointed to note that Samsung has removed the microSD card slot on its latest model. Better to fully understand how to use a microSD to get the most out of it. To see if your device accepts them, check your phone's full specifications on the manufacturer's website or find a slot for your device. In newer ...