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7 books that can supercharge your personal growth this summer

The following article was first published by The Next Big Idea Club and has been republished here with permission. Diving into an impactful book is a great way to kick off a journey of personal growth. if you'd like to invest some time and energy into personal growth, these 7 books are an excellent place to start. LoadingSomething is loading. O...
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5 books that made me a better CEO and helped me strengthen my business

Heidi Zak is the cofounder and CEO of ThirdLove, a multi-generational women's lifestyle brand. These are the books she read over the past year that had a strong impact on her life and business. The list includes "Rituals Roadmap," "Humor, Seriously," and "The Creativity Leap." See more stories on Insider's business page. As much as I love watching shows, movies, and documentaries, reading a book is a very different experience. It forces you to slow down and reflect on things in a way that's a bit harder when you're more passively watching (or listening) to a story. Especially if you're an entrepreneur, you don't get very many momen...
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27 easy beach reads that are perfect for summer vacation

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.Beach reads are highly entertaining books that you can't put down, and are perfect for summer. No matter the genre, these beach reads are an immersive escape, whether you're on vacation or not. Below are our 27 best beach reads, including YA, romance, thriller, and non-fiction books. Beach reads used to be known as mindless, mass-market paperbacks with shirtless men on the cover that we'd throw in our bags, read for an hour, and never care about again. But now, beach reads are an escape, whether your toes are in the sand or not. They take us on vacation, into a new world away from our stresses. My ...
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Kindle Unlimited gives you access to millions of ebooks and audiobooks, and you can get 2 months for $5 with this early Prime Day deal

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Whether you're already a Kindle user or simply like to read, you're probably familiar with Amazon's massive range of ebooks in the Kindle store. For super-avid readers, however, Amazon has a service called Kindle Unlimited that gets users unlimited access to Kindle's full ebook catalog, plus some other perks like audiobooks and magazine subscriptions.Kindle Unlimited Prime Day deal 2021F...
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5 books young people should read to open a dialogue about race in America

Literature can be a great introduction into race discussions, especially when using an anti-bias lens. These five titles are starting points to engage young people in conversations about race in America. "Angel of Greenwood," "A Song Below Water," and "Land of the Cranes" top the list. See more stories on Insider's business page. With a national debate raging about how — or even if — teachers should discuss race in their classrooms, many educators may find themselves uncertain about how to navigate the subject of race.Parents may also find it difficult to broach topics of race in conversations with their teens.As a former junior hi...